The Perfect End to June

Arbor: An arch of branches, vines, and/or flowers that the bride & groom stand under to say their vows. Also sometimes called a "wedding arch." ... This is usually done for the reception to allow the bride to move & dance more easily.

Being wed under a wedding arch or canopy is a tradition steeped with beautiful meaning for many cultures. It can symbolise the home that a couple will build or the protection provided by the couples parents.

These days, wedding arches and canopies have been appropriated to ceremonies held outside traditional venues, and are used as a ceremonial backdrop. For non-denominational weddings, particularly those held outdoors, a wedding arch provides a focal point. Arches now come in many shapes and forms, from elaborate floral arbours to simple fabric backdrops and help to frame the most important part of the wedding day, the union, in a beautiful way. 

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