Creating Preserved Flower Domes

So, everybody loves a fresh bouquet of flowers. But some genius out there found the technique of preserving real flowers and making them last for at least a year to up to 10 years if well taken care of.

It all begins with dried blooms and foliage, a container or base form, a few tools, and a beautiful idea—the result is an elegant, long-lasting creation worthy of decorating any room.

A beautifully crafted bouquet of roses is a gift that never fails to speak volumes. Whether it says, “I’m sorry,” “Happy Anniversary,” or “I love you,” roses are the perfect gift for any occasion. Although the sentiment may last forever, unfortunately, the roses never do. Within days, lush, verdant roses tend to wilt and bruise, transforming your once beautiful bouquet into a sad pile of petals. It’s always a glum day when a woman has to throw away her bouquet of wilted roses that were so thoughtfully given to her. So, wouldn’t it be nice to own roses that last just as long as the memory of receiving them does?

With our specially selected preserved rose arrangements (more up-coming!), you’ll never have to worry about the possibility of wilting or bruising within a few days of receiving them, for these special roses are designed for long-lasting beauty. Gerbilsgarden preserved roses are natural roses that last a year or more, providing you with the opportunity to marvel at their exquisiteness each day and night.


With the help of our carefully crafted preserved roses, GerbilsGarden specializes in making thoughtful gestures of admiration last a lifetime. While we revere the natural beauty of fresh roses, we believe our preserved rose arrangements are the embodiment of luxury, thoughtfulness, and endless love.

The visually beautiful display of the preserved roses to create the ultimate form of luxury in a Glass Dome or Box. With vibrant rose colors accented with Grey, White, and Red, these special arrangements exude a simple, timeless elegance that can’t be replicated. Emanating with opulence, our Glass Dome Coloured Edition Series features an arrangement of sumptuous preserved roses encased in a clear, Glass Dome.

This stunning arrangement provides recipients with 360-degrees of beauty and admiration. With our collection of Preserved Rose Arrangements, we are able to provide that to each and every one of our customers. Shop Gerbilsgarden's up and coming designs of preserved rose collections today!

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