Azuma Makoto's Video Interview on NHK

Just today I caught the video interview of Azuma Makoto on NHK news regarding how he dealt with the Covid-19 situation and how it has greatly changed his views on his use of floristry. It interests me how he saw it as an opportunity to brighten Peoples' lives instead of getting disheartened by the slowing economy itself, even taking the opportunity to travel around the world to gift flowering children and people in India to cheer their moods. When asked if such gifts were unpractical in these times, instead of producing staples like foods instead, Azuma Makoto was unfazed. Watch the video here to see more:

It made sense to me. After working with flowers for awhile now, I feel it could possibly brighten someone's dreary day up.

Catch the video and write up by NHK here:

It's pretty cool and inspired me to keep going on! Thanks Azuma Makoto!

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